A short recap abour our companys past, present and future

The history of Gastro Food is rooted in two family-owned companies, Erzzmat run by the Hanna family and Matprodukter, owned by the Bennodanho family.
In 1992 these two companies co-existed side by side as both colleagues and rivals in the southern market regions of Sweden.

During the early 90’s, both companies grew from supplying pizzerias on a local level into the multi-regionally operating wholesaler that they are today. With a combined annual revenue of close to 200M SEK, these two companies have since played significant roles in the pizzeria/fast food community in large parts of southern Sweden.
April 1st, 2014. The two families decide to join forces and merge the companies into one. Gastro Food is born. The considerable history, expertise and experience is gathered under one roof. With the families second generations spearheading the new venture, the company experiences a rejuvenation and a flow of new, fresh ideas. The focus of being the primary wholesaler to pizzerias and fast-food restaurants was further cemented into the foundation of the company. Gastro Food renegotiates prices for their customers, expands their product assortment and strengthens relationships with their suppliers.

The family business that cares about your company

Gastro Food started out as a family-owned business and we have always held onto that spirit in the way we conduct business. It gives us a better understanding of our customers needs and the values that play into the dynamics of a family-owned business. Our business runs on top of a broad knowledge of what restaurants’ needs look like on a day-to-day basis. We are simply a partner you can rely on when it comes to price, quality and service that facilitates work on both kitchen level as well as making a difference on business level.

Everything fast-food

We probably have one of Sweden’s largest assortments of pizza, kebab/gyros and fast-food related products. We direct import potato products, carry our own line of pizza flour. We offer everything from most affordable pizza cheese to the finest selection of buffalo mozzarella. We can supply you with the full range of meats, from semi-manufactured burgers for festival food carts allt the way up to carefully selected cuts of Swedish prime rib. We tailor products like ground beef, cut, sliced and diced meat for different groups of restaurants. For the truly Neapolitan, wood oven equipped pizzeria, a range of over 2000 products directly from Italy can be found in stock. Products with DOP, IGT labelling and mass-produced options. Fast-food does not have to be synonymous with low-quality, high-fat food, but rather easily accessed and quickly prepared food without sacrificing quality. We are happy to showcase what the world has to offer a fast-food restaurant. We offer and invite influences from all the different cuisines of the world to come together to create tasty solutions.